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Trusted by the CDC¹ and over 40 major Health Plans

Hi there, my name is Dr. William Ferro. I’m a leading expert on gut health and the founder of the Betr Health Method, which is unlike any other eating plan or generic “health app” you will find on the internet.

My Betr Health Personalized Jumpstart Program and ongoing coaching support is revolutionizing the way Americans look at healthy weight loss, vitality, and longevity. Not only have we been recognized by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) as an all-natural method for reversing chronic disease... 

But the Betr Health Jumpstart Plan is also a CDC-recognized Diabetes Control and Prevention Program shown to help everyday folks just like you avoid obesity, lose stubborn weight quickly, wean off dangerous pharmaceutical medication (with a doctor's approval), maintain healthy blood sugar levels through improving insulin response, and so much more…

Outcomes recognized by the CDC

cds outcomes

All of which you can experience when you take advantage of my risk-free Betr Health Program for the next 30 life-changing days. In fact, many of our members even see drastic results in just the first 3 days!

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Join Over 30,000 Men & Women Who Lost Weight and Are Keeping It Off by Targeting the Root Cause of Weight Gain.

It’s Not Your Fault --
You’ve Been Lied to about Weight Gain...

You see, right now, millions of people are suffering from poor digestive (gut) health…

And research has connected an unhealthy gut to everything from digestive problems (like gas, bloating, heartburn, and diarrhea) to low energy… mood swings… trouble sleeping… and even one of America’s biggest health problems -- obesity.² 

And while most people have heard the old adage, “You are what you eat…” that isn’t exactly true.

In fact, I like to say…

You Are Not What You Eat -- You Are What You Absorb...

If you’ve been eating healthier and becoming more physically active but are still not seeing the weight loss results you truly desire... 

Or, if you're just starting to feel older than your actual age -- experiencing muscle weakness, low energy, or even getting sick more easily -- chances are your gut health has been compromised and needs a complete reboot immediately

Yes, your gut health is that important! 

And it's also why many scientists call the gut microbiome (the bacterial environment inside the gut) our “second brain”. 

When it comes to overall wellness, we sometimes focus too much on our human cells that we forget about the more than 40 trillion bacterial cells living in and on our bodies every second of every day.³ 

Collectively, those bacterial cells are called the microbiome and they affect every cell, tissue, and organ in your body

And that’s not even the best part...

The majority of the microbiome can be found in the digestive tract, or gut, where it makes up at least 70 percent of your immune system.⁴

In other words, your gut is an immune health powerhouse! 


(Yes, there's always a “but”)

Along with all the good (and neutral) bacteria in the human gut are some opportunistic harmful bacteria that are always looking for ways to increase their numbers… which is why it’s so important to maintain a healthy balance.

Because when that balance is out of whack -- which can usually be traced back to the foods you eat (yes, even the “healthy” ones!) -- that’s when the trouble can start. 

So many chronic health conditions -- including obesity and type 2 diabetes -- begin in the digestive tract due to diet-induced inflammation⁵, which in turn can impact normal body weight, blood sugar, and blood pressure. 

Now, unlike your typical doctor who may think prescribing medication is the only way to help, I’ve found that we can reboot our gut health -- and finally lose those stubborn pounds -- by using a few simple daily practices and making easy adjustments with the foods we love. 

However, everyone is a bit different, and that's what makes you special, and it's also the reason why cookie-cutter diets and workout programs have failed so many of us… in fact, they are actually destroying our gut health and working against our efforts to lose weight. 

Too many of us are eating the wrong foods, and our gut health is suffering as a result. 

That’s why once you get started, you’ll work with a personal coach to create a customized plan designed to work just for you and no one else.

Remember, we’re not all the same, and we need to avoid those one-thing-fixes-all gimmicks and diets.

Not only has my methodology worked with thousands of my patients, but by using this principle, I have been able to help tens of thousands of people from all around the world reclaim their health and vitality -- simply by improving their gut health.

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Betr Health is a doctor-developed, CDC-recognized method trusted by more than 40 health plans

  • 10 years serving clients
  • 96% success rate
  • 4.9-star overall rating
  • Up to 10% weight loss up to 4X faster than other plans!
  • 87% of clients reduce medical prescriptions 
  • Niki Eaton

I have only been on the program for 16 days and have lost 13 pounds!!! I had enjoyed all the recipes so far. I am never hungry and my energy level is terrific. I can’t wait to see what level 2 has in store for me. This program has been a lot easier to follow than weight watchers. I am not stressed at all staying on track. I look forward to the daily education and planning that goes into it. I believe in this program and think everyone reading this does not need to look anymore. This is the best program out there!! Let’s achieve BTR health together and live life to its fullest.

  • Kimberly Arasato

I've been on the Betr Health program for eight days now. I've had amazing results, losing 6 pounds in one week. The amazing part of the program is that it's not really a diet, but a lifestyle change that gives so much more than weight loss. I have not had to use sleeping aids this week at all, I have so much energy, I sleep soundly. I can't express enough how wonderful I feel and am so thankful for joining Betr Health! The recipes are so amazing. I'll be using their meal delivery starting next week and look forward to adding that to my busy life as well. Thank you Betr Health!

  • Chit Chat W/Qui

I am loving this program nothing I tried previously has worked. Effortlessly losing weight with a few changes to your eating habits BETR way of life. I am already down 20 lbs its been almost 1 month.

  • Elektra Natchios

I absolutely love this program. So easy to follow and the food recipes are delicious. It's not a restricted diet, it's a Betr lifestyle. The coaches are wonderful and guide you every step of the way. I have already lost 13 pounds in just 30 days, by simply changing the way I eat. No counting calories or portion controls. It's not a yo-yo fad diet where you starve yourself to death. It's a change in how you eat and what is best for your body. I recommend this to anyone who just wants to change their lifestyle. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

  • Jamie Shine

I am thoroughly pleased with this program. Everyone should do this. I am down 13 lbs in 18 days. I feel great. I just started to do some exercise again. (I have not felt like moving in months. I usually sleep every day after work). I don't have the joint pain I had before. I am definitely on the right track. I am someone who has struggled with weight for years.

  • Kim Hines

I have tried many programs and this one is the easiest and actually works. I have been on the plan for 3 weeks and have lost 12 lbs and inches from all over. I am not a chef but the meals are not difficult and taste great. I have not felt deprived and have not had a hard time sticking to the plan (including a vacation on week 3!). If you have struggled with other programs I highly recommend BETR.

Your Jumpstart Membership Includes

  • A personalized plan made for your body
  • Four one-on-one phone consultations with your Betr Health certified coach
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom call with Betr Health founder Dr. Ferro
  • Access to an empowering community of Betr Health members sharing tips, recipes, and motivation
  • Daily app check-ins with your Betr Health coach
  • Interactive meal planner
  • On-demand stall calls and chat support
  • Over 200 original recipes
  • Intro to Yoga series

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  • A personalized plan made for your body
  • Four one-on-one phone consultations with your Betr Health certified coach
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom call with Betr Health founder Dr. Ferro
  • Daily app check-ins with your Betr Health coach
  • Access to an empowering community of Betr Health members sharing tips, recipes, and motivation
  • On-demand stall calls and chat support
  • Interactive meal planner
  • Over 200 original recipes
  • Intro to Yoga series

Your Jumpstart Memberships Includes

  • A personalized plan made for your body
  • Daily check-ins with your Betr coach
  • Access to an empowering community of Betr Health members sharing tips, recipes, and motivation
  • On-demand stall calls and chat support
  • Interactive meal planner
  • Over 200 original recipes
  • Intro to Yoga series
Qualify For A Risk-Free Trial Now!

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Most Popular Questions

NO WAY. We don’t count points, count calories or weigh food. We eat and enjoy. Your body needs nourishment, not punishment. The recipes and meals are made to be family friendly and easy to make. This gut-healthy food protocol is designed to enhance every aspect of your and your family’s lives forever.

On average, our clients lose 7.4% of their total body weight within their first month. They do this without starving themselves or leg buckling workouts.

Instead, you are able to sustainably manage your sleep, mood, energy and weight with a healthy digestive system. In addition, we will help you uncover those seemingly healthy foods that have been holding you back.

For some, it could be the difference between cooked broccoli and raw. For others, it may be almond milk vs. almond butter… We have seen it all.

  • A personalized plan made for your body
  • A dedicated personal Betr Health certified coach
  • Weekly Q&A Zoom call with Betr Health founder Dr. Ferro
  • Daily app check-ins with your Betr Health coach
  • Access to an empowering community of Betr Health members sharing tips, recipes, and motivation
  • 24/7 chat support with dieticians
  • Interactive meal planner
  • Over 200 original recipes

No worries! We have nationwide meal delivery and 200+ easy-to-make recipes.

The first month is all about healing internally. In fact, oftentimes exercise can be counterproductive to weight loss and could be holding you back.

When your system is fully recharged, you will definitely feel the urge to get active.

When our body, mind and microbiome are under stress, it leads to cravings and hunger. It’s not a psychological issue with your head; it’s a physiological issue with your gut.

A healthier digestive system equips your body to handle stress and improve hormone balance, which in turn crushes cravings and makes converting fat to energy feel effortless.

It’s not your fault. You deserve to feel great, you just need the right formula for you and we will show you how to do it.

Absolutely! This is meant for the whole family. You can make recipes in bulk to feed everyone, plus have some to freeze as leftovers. Great examples of family-favorite recipes are our Sweet and Spicy Wings, Meatballs, Sloppy Joes, Egg Roll in a Bowl and Vegetable Crockpot Stew to name a few :).

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